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, and stocks today, they were up, and up a lot. next, the s&p at its highest level of the entire presidency of president obama, 242 points. there is good news and worrisome news attached to that. a startling good news on the service sector job report. in other words, services and related jobs bombing in the latest period that could be good unemployment report that comes out tomorrow morning, but, more on the worrisome side and what this has to do with the european central bank hinting they will come to the rescue europe. wall street does not flip over this, and certainly the last few years does not like the thought that europe will come to the rescue in europe. at least the european industrial bank, so, danger that -- take that as you will. and now to the original venue for the shindig, with the obamas, and bank of america stadium, this is the place that holds up to 74,000 plus and they canceled this on gears it would rain. for a while it was pounding driving rain, so, whether you are in a crowd that believes this was canceled on the part of weather or a helicopter crowd that says they coul
also says you don't accept a mob invading a u.s. consulate in libya and killing our ambassador and three others. today mitt romney decided to bolt from decorum. >> simply put having an embassy which has been breached having protestors on the grounds having that embassy reiterate a statement effectively apologizing for the right of free speech is not the rice course for our administration. >> today on top of some scary dÉjÀ vu the president attacked for not speaking out more strongly not explaining to meet with the prime minister of israel more forcefully. it seems to be erupting into anti-americanism almost daily. the republicans hark ens back to this guy john mccain is much more interested in what it is saying about us guys, americans. he was kind enough to join us right now. i knew you knew the ambassador very, very well. your thoughts right now? >> he was a lovely man. he loved his country. he served in a diplomatic war. he went to benghazi while the fight was still going on. came in on a cargo airplane and lived in constant danger until it was over. he moved to tripoli an
situation has deteriorated and we had an attack on a u.s. embassy where nine servicemen were killed. >>neil: what do you think? >>guest: well, candidate obama, senator obama, he used hot rhetoric against the president. president bush was filled with resolve and he had the courage to do what he thought was right and he wasn't looking to gain favor at home. he was looking to do the right thing for the united states of america. he had thick skin. president bush was confident, quietly confident in his ability to make tough decisions. he had the courage to make tough decisions. he knew in would be flak. i don't think president obama should be as concerned as he demonstrated he was over the last 24 hours about the rhetoric. he will get a lost tough rhetoric. >>neil: i think you are right. i did not have a problem back then with candidate obama saying this in the middle of a war. it bugged a lot problem. nor do i have a problem with mitt romney saying this. that is what we have in this country, a difference of opinion. that is what we relish. you have to pick and choose your rage, here, selectivel
? do you think that the level should be closer to what it was in the late '70s where it was in the 20s. what an acceptable level? >> first of all, there are number of retirees members of military that aren't paying taxes. i do believe that we should have enough jobs and enough take home pay so that people have the privilege of higher income that has lot would be paying taxes. i think people would like to be paying taxes. if you are doing well enough you can pay a tax. the problem right now, you see e have fallen in poverty that they are not paying taxes. they have to rely on government and right course is not government handing out but government helping people get back to good jobs. the number of food stamps are revealing. when the president took office, 32 million people were on food stamps, now that number is 50 million, now 47 million people on food stamps. you have americans falling into poverty under this president. in an increasing number on the food stamp figures. i wanted to get people back to work. i would like to see everybody who is not retired and not in the military havin
is unleashed. to another threat facing america' businesses europe. u.s. assets plunging 12 percent in jewelry sessions cutting big time in demand over there. charles pain on the effect it could have on jobs over here. >> there's no job about it. our deficit was up 50 percent month after month june to july. >> what happened? >> that's a gigantic jump. even germany was down to a multi year low. european unions are in a lot of trouble. you look at spain, italy, portugal those kinds of things. we are talking plunging. >> kodak. they must be telling us something right. the bottoms came out of there. >> the bottom came out of there. you know what's interesting this stuff tells a lot. how do we take advantage of a global economy? we can export things out of the nation. when you have a strong dollar it's tough. we have amazing companies. mcdonald was up because it does better overseas. apple is going to sell 67 percent of the products overseas. sometimes you have to make that stuff overseas, too. we are in a real quandary here. >> we talk about the 800 thousand jobs he wants to bring but they are bei
moments ago, mitt romney speaking to members of the u.s. chamber of commerce, the hispanic chamber of commerce addressing immigration and unemployment with the hispanics. this is a push to court latino voters emphasizing the rising latino stars backing him. why are the numbers barely budging? we turn to a texas republican. why is that? what is going on here, sir? why do latinos, generally vote almost lock step, democratic? >>guest: well, neil, i am a life-long american, born here in texas a son hispanic parents. they immigrated in mexico. i represent a 70 percent hispanic district. this is a preface: the issues here in texas are jobs, the economy, health care and education. those the top issues. i also think there is so much rhetoric coming from the obama camp and the democrats. they are employing a rhetoric of division and rhetoric of mistruths that tell the hispanic community these people are the boogieman and that is the problem. as i go through my district, that is 70 percent hispanic, the issues are concern wheth
quarterly gains for the s&p 500 and nasdaq which means in an election year, good for the incumbent almost every election year. 39 days out, does that mean that the president is in? our market watcher says no, not when you factor the recent state of bad economic numbers. or the scores of major u.s. companies throwing workers out. larry, which is the more dominant theme? >>guest: just to illustrate that point, look no further than a country like greece on the verge of a depression, 25 percent unemployment, civil unrest, yet their stock market is up almost as much as our stock market. it shows you how disconnected main street has become from wall street in this committee. the reason for that is because of unprecedented central bank easing. that is what we are seeing. that is playing out in storms around -- stock markets around the world. they say don't fight the fed based on the hope that the federal reserve can solve all main street and wall street problems. the reality is, it is different for main treaty. the economic data is coming in very weak at an alarming pace. chicago purchasing mana
significant ramifications. this debate began after world war i in the 30's with henry ford and lindbergh and isolationists and after world war ii with the taft wing and eisenhower wing of the party. now, understandably, because of our economic difficulty, this isolationist wing of the republican party is very active again. i understand that. i respect it. i wish they would spend some time in the region. >>neil: you mention your party, senator, and i do want to address comments you made yesterday or the day before, where you were telling republicans who are second-guessing and criticizing the romney campaign, to "cool it." you were more colorful. ann romney saying much the same today in a radio interview. your argument is what? it makes his situation worse? or it exposes republican weaknesses? >>guest: my argument is if you attack our nominee who was selected by our party through a legitimate process at a time when they could be some stumbles, who are you helping in who are you assisting by doing that? mitt romney is the man in the arena. whether you agree or disagree with the campaign he
and a web of anti-americanism that shows u.s. allies getting money from us. the colonel saw firsthand how an administration delayed crucial details on the change of events that led to american soldiers on a humanitarian mission getting killed in mogadishu, one dragged through the streets, as well. the incident was the basis of a best-selling book and a popular movie "blackhawk down." colonel, welcome to you. you see parallels here? >> the part that really bothers me, of course, is that we have had four people killed there. first thing is the reaction to that has been pretty subdued. that sort of bothers me. i see a lot of correlation. i see the fact that i don't think the embassy was properly protected. i believe in the past we would have had embassies that were much more capable of defending themselves and keeping those deaths from happening, in my opinion. it was a terrorist attack when you come prepared with rpg's you are not coming to just protest. >>neil: we saw the case with mogadishu good intentions gone bad. we talked today with our overtures to the middle east, particularly those
here, but there are a lot of democratic c.e.o.'s, they are not imaginary friends of the president. on why he says costco has everything in huge supply. you order a hamburger you have to get on, he came with up that idea so people have no close but to buy in bulk. he came up with that idea. it is a very interesting story he will tell us more tonight. we also have maryland governor who is the one would has been saying, you know, we are better off, come to think of it, than four years ago. and james roosevelt jr. on health care being a good thing. and mark warner, the democratic senator from virginia. you never know, some other surprises, sometimes we go to the floor and we talk to these people. i am their worse note mayor like john candy coming to you with a microphone. i will not always go away the it will be a fun night. we have artur davis with us right now, would moved heads at the republican convention. i talked with him when he entered and i wonder if he thought if he was at the right place he once introduced president obama four years ago switching vied to the republicans and
of the ambassador stevens and three other americans killed in libya arrived back on u.s. soil. the protests in more than a dozen countries. and growing. now, my guest says, civilization itself is under attack. you do have to wonder, the fact that not only is it spreading, but, it is going after major western nations. what is happening? >>guest: well, what we are seeing here, neil, is somewhat of a collapse of the current administration's policy and an extension of that is the major security failure because of the massive uprising in the countries. it is a clash of civilizations. >>neil: what is odd. it is sort of like the arab uprising in reverse. that was hopeful. that was the hope at time. this does not look hopeful. it is more ominous forces have taken over. what do you think? >>guest: well you are dead on and, unfortunately, there are thousands of people we can clearly see who are represents a complete ideological clash in western society. the truth, this is a security nightmare spilling way beyond what this administration thought was capable and a complete culture clash of islamist extremist a
when we cross our "t"s d dot our "i"s, we sll run into oblems -- mainly other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forgiveness if you qualify, where your rates won't go up due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. [ tires squeal ] and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> neil: it is amazing with the exception of you referring to the debt clock how few of your colleagues speaking down there do. >> our country is on a road towards bankruptcy. >> we had $16 trillion debt news today. no one's mentioned it. no one. why not? >> first of all because it's not news. >> i've not heard anything about the debt. not a word. nothing. >> i actually have. >> where? >> the
, your money, was used to buy them. the inspector general for the g.s.a. calling it a violation of the stimulus plan to "buy america," and the agency that bought it say they did nothing wrong because the panels were included in a large order and not a contract item. my guest says taxpayers are the ones getting fleeced. we should point out, that the federal acquisition service said we hoped to get someone on this from them, but to little avail, but they say this was part of a larger order and the panels of not a contract item. i argue we can debate the details all we want, china is the beneficiary and we got indo this because we didn't want china being a beneficiary. >>guest: the inspector general of the g.s.a., their own report, it said this should not have happened. the contractor said is this okay to buy the solar panels from china. it was forbidden as part of the stimulus. here is the irony. only are we helping china, but the reason given for the failure of solyndra and all the other solar failures is that china uncut our market and there was a glut of chinese contracts and t
says the u.s. economy is headed down. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and fox on top of a number two back to issue one: jobs. not happening. paul ryan making his case on the stump that america has hit a big butch and it ain't pretty. the man republican operatives have reportedly been urging romney to get out and get blasting is here and talking. wrong man paul ryan joining me from memphis, tennessee. what do you make of the latest numbers congressman? you have talked about weakness in the economy, but prior to the data today, congressman, we been seeing a pickup of consumer sentiment and obviously we see markets all over the map but what did this signal? >>guest: we have seen slow growth. now we see it is slower. a downward revision from 1.7 to 1.3 percent is a big drop. the drop in durable goods is enormous. this is not what a real recovery looks like. as you mentioned from the fay of businesses and manufacturers, they see more clouds ahead. it is because of the president's failed policies. mitt romney and i are preparing very specific pro growth solutions to get real growth in
, but the rap against this president, is from small business surveys, you hear this, fortune 500 c.e.o.'s who sense, fairly or not, he doesn't like them, he just doesn't like them. >>guest: i think the president could go a little further in a deeper outreach understanding the fears and concerns of business people. every business person i have talked to said the first signal the president could still send is an embracing of simpson-bowles or some form of simpson-bowles. but he hasn't. if the president were to say that i understand there is shared sacrifice, not just rich or middle class, everyone has to be in the pool on this one, so, if he were to say we will focus on entitlement restraint and entitlement reform, we will focus on tax reform, we will take the focus on a softer approach to regulation. >>neil: but he has not done that. i guess hope springs eternal but is this a last opportunity? coming on a day where we have reaped $16 trillion in the hole. >>guest: we have 63 days before the election. we have a major campaign speech coming up where the president will focus on that. as far as th
for the waivers. history has shown he supported waivers throughout his presidency on the snap program,s why i believe you see him asking for the waiver of the work requirement again under welfare. >>neil: you could twist this around and i understand where you are coming from, but democrats will seize on your remarks today. others on the heels of mitt romney's 47 percent remarks saying, see, the republicans have a dismissful view of the needy. how without answer that? >>guest: that is not true. we have a bill we will vote on this afternoon that is a bill to overturn the administration's move to lift the waiver requirement if work. we do not want to take away from people in need, the safety net. we don't. we want to make sure that less people need the safety net. the way you do it is help them get back to work. i help them access training programs. we want life to work. we do not want to problem them of what they need. we want them to need the safety net and get back in a productive mode so they can begin to determine their own destiny. >>neil: i mentioned mitt romney and the 47 percent remark.
by president obama that his country and the u.s. aren't enemies but aren't allies either. some say with friends like these we might as well take the cash and say goodbye. i don't know where we stand. each side seems to be iffy if we're allies. we seem to be giving a lot of money to an enemy. >> you know, neil, if you're not clear who your allies are, then they are probably your enemy. giving egypt $1.5 billion in military aid, many problems with this, neil, but number one, egypt right now is in talks with germany to buy two submarines. hmm. very interesting. is that where our billions in aid will go, to build up the egyptian military already under the new muslim brotherhood president is threatening israel? that peace treaty, the 32-year-old peace treaty with israel is going to be out the window soon. number two, something a lot of people don't know, neil, back in 2010, right before this so-called "arab spring" broke out, the supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood in egypt, the top global guy declared a jihad against america and israel. i don't even know if the administration realizes that. bu
to hear the c.e.o.'s of some of the largest companies in america, this recovery still is not. not swinging. not moving. not worth investing. seven out of ten expect hiring in the last three months of the year to be flat or lower. all of the expiring bush tax cuts that have not been addressed by either party have not lifted their spirits higher. way beyond ohio, more signs that americans in general are behind the eight ball. today the household income dropped more than 8 percent since the president took office. the political fallout in a moment. and our guest is a market watch other on the financial fallout. if ohio is not indicative of what is going on across the country, dave, then, what is going on across the country? where are the gains there if which the president is getting and juice, not translating? >>guest: well, i suspect that the governor of he, like a lot of the republican governors, has been hacking through some of the problems that existed in the job creation and new enterprise area and that has given the area a boost. i got back from the west coast with a bunch
government run healthcare program in the history of the u.s. to come in under budget next year it will come in on the first ten years on the books 40 percent under budget because of the competition installed in this premium support. >> thank you for correcting the medicare and medicaid thing. could you think it could be a signal of even what the administration might be pondering down the road or a good alternative down the road to give an alternative option? >> the administration builds on other suck sellingses and medicaid experiments that point to competition and choice. you look at what was done in florida, what was done in rhode island or governor cherry both republicans who use the support models to help get better to what turned out to be better coverage at a lower cost for residents of their state. the reason is simple. it is becoming informed consumers to play a role in it to plan to shop around to best meet the familiar lace needs. amazingly enough unlike locals most americans are capable of making incredibly good rational decisions. both experiments of florida drive down healthcar
policy will have to take heed whether that government is going to recognize u.s. interests, will recognize the fact that we believe the best route forward is for egypt to recognize its agreement and peace treaty with our ally, israel, can we stand up against extremism. we have to stand up against islamic extremism that wants to overthrow everything we are about if that region as well as at home. >>neil: let's move to a less onerous issue. you had a bipartisan event where you were doing the inaugural inaugural...what do they call it? i am watching you -- yes, the lot form. i am watching you and nancy pelosi, a bipartisan event. she could not get the nail in there. what was going on? >>guest: she was being general tell with the nail but in the end speaker boehner and helped her finish off the nail. >>neil: do you guys get along in general in the sharp differences notwithstanding, the rap is regardless of the election, you still will not be able to work together? >>guest: we have to. i believe, really, that reasonable people can disagree on policy or anything else. i go back t
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)